Sunday, April 14, 2013

Post 10, Glee

1) Pilot, Never been kissed, Furt
    2) Use 3 course assumptions and previous texts to analyze these episodes

The first thing I think these episodes relate to is media is/as education. Glee teaches us about high school ‘rules’ and about teenagers. Popularity and fame were important to members of the glee club, especially to Rachel. Hierarchy in high school and among teenagers was also an important part of the show. Glee club was on the bottom of the list, while the football players felt on the top. 
This also goes along with media and ideology. What is cool compared to what is not cool is shown. Example: football was cooler than glee club.  In the never been kissed episode, Mr. Scheuster says that glee club is like an outsider at the school. In the pilot,  Sue Sylvester the gym teacher also talks about glee being at the bottom of the hierarchy. The glee episodes also taught us about gay versus straight guys. Kurt was gay and was bullied for it.  Lastly, glee also reinforced some stereotypes by showing the football players for the most part not being interested in singing or glee and by Kurt wanting to join the girls side in glee club because he is gay. 
I also think the pilot episode showed how teenagers are viewed as an alien life form. When Mr. Schesuter wanted to quit his job for a new job, he told the students that one day they will  understand that adults need to make hard choices. He assumes that right now, as teenagers, they wouldn’t understand yet.   
The masculinity article also relates to glee by showing Finn being teased by his fellow football players for being in the glee club. Glee also showed the idea of “gay baiting” by having Kurt bullied for being gay.
 Lastly, the hip hop texts may even relate to Glee because the glee club always sings current and ‘hip’ songs maybe to attract people and be popular among the school.
3)For  Class:
I'm just interested in seeing how other people applied the previous readings and assumptions to these episodes. 


  1. Great Post! I think that you made really great connections, What I found obvious was Raby's Discourses. Most obviously Becoming, because they all want to be something one day. But I also saw at-risk and social problem with Puck who has just come out of Juvie. Less obvious was in the Pilot we see Rachel posting videos everyday to Myspace, showing us that media matters, but no adults have found the mean and hurtful messages being left by the cheerleaders, showing that adults are Technology Immigrants.

  2. "Sue Sylvester the gym teacher also talks about glee being at the bottom of the hierarchy." Most definitely you got the stereotypical high school roles, and what teenage are like in this culture. Def pointed out the Homophobia and Masculinity issues between Kurt and the Jock that you typically see in high school as well. I definitely noticed all of these point/ connections as well. SCWAAMP can be seen in this as well!